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The Spring Grove Area Scholarship Fund holds and helps with many events throughout each year.  We have an annual golf outing, an Octobertfeast and a live and silent auction, anually. We also participate in other annual events such as the college fair, the Alumni Chorus Concert, Penny Wars and Celebrate the Arts. For more information on these, please see our Events tab at the top of the page.

The Spring Grove Area Scholarship Fund benefits YOU!  Why not get involved in helping raise the money that will become scholarships for you and your classmates? The SGASF has many events that participate with your schools and we are always looking to add more! Your voice matters! 

The Spring Grove Area Scholarship fund is passionate about taking the students that YOU are educating and helping them to continue their education.  Whether you woud like to help with an event to raise money or be on the board to help make decisons, YOUR participation is key to helping our fund grow! 





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